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Ventrac MMM #05 - Versatility

Duration: 2:27 - Views: 2647 In this Ventrac Monday Morning Minute Aaron Graber discusses the Ventrac's Versatility.Every Monday we will have a new topic that is inspired by YOU our viewers and we will only talk about it for a max of 60 Sec. So ask your questions, make your comments and we will post something new every Monday. Be sure to subscribe as well so you don't miss an episode. Enjoy!Products featured in this video:Ventrac 4500: For more information, visit Find a dealer near you! Get a FREE catalog! Subscribe here! Connect with Us!Facebook - Instagram - @ventrac_tractorsTwitter - @ventracVideo Transcript:Today on Monday morning minute the topic is versatility. Yes, versatility is a much longer topic than 60 seconds so in this video we'll just scratch the surface and give you some things to consider. If you have specific questions or comments drop them in the comments below and we'll reply. First we have a comment from The Metal Butcher who says "lol who would want a little lawn mower based specialized POS when they could have an extremely versatile compact tractor?" Well, Metal, first of all the insinuation that the Ventrac isn't a real tractor is kind of ludicrous. It's a real tractor obviously. Also don't get snippy because it's a better lawnmower than your compact tractor will ever be. It's just reality. This comment represents the first hesitation people have with versatility and that's that the Ventrac isn't as versatile as a compact tractor. The second hesitation people have is that if it is as versatile and it's so versatile then isn't it just average at what it does? Let's talk about that. The first objection is just flat-out wrong. We have over 30 commercial grade attachments. They perform a wide variety of tasks, and you can see them all over the internet in customers hands there's good accounts about the versatility of this thing. That's case closed. This is a versatile tractor. The second objection and the more common one. If it is versatile is it any good? All we can say to that is every attachment we build we build to be the best possible. If it can't go up against the competition and beat it we don't want to sell it. So everything that we have available is the best option. Also, we've never been in the business of doing everything. Sure there's a few attachments you can get on a compact tractor that you can't on a Ventrac. Just like any other machine this isn't the machine for everybody all the time, but what it does do, it does really reallywell.

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