Mowing At Double Speed & Cutting More Grass on University Athletic Fields - Ventrac Wide Area Mower

Duration: 6:58 - Views: 29015 Cody Brooks is a Groundskeeper at The College of Wooster.The college in Wooster, Ohio, is an NCAA Division III athletic school with six athletic fields that are mowed and maintained throughout the year. Cody talks about how the Ventrac Wide Area Mower has made life easier on the grounds management crew by allowing them to mow faster, be more efficient with fuel consumption, and much more.Standards are set high at the College of Wooster. It is known as a very prestigious school, and everyone wants the best looking fields on game day. With the fields mowed between 2-3 times per week, the ground needs to be treated with care to avoid any damage that could cause interference in the game. Thankfully, the Ventrac has a light footprint on the turf, which allows for less compaction and wear on the fields.Cody shares that it takes about 3-4 hours to mow all six athletic fields and that they’ve saved more time with Wide Area Mower because the operating speed is faster ( 7-8 mph ) than previous mowers that could only go 3.5 mph.Currently, in the college’s third season mowing with a Ventrac, the one thing they have consistently noticed is the lessened amount of compaction and dead grass areas they used to have at the ends of the fields and corners. The improvement of turf is attributed to Ventrac’s FlexFrame articulation as it helps prevent turf damage from the friction of the tires turning. The areas where they turn around a lot have been able to recover because the Ventrac offers such a light footprint on the turf. And when there is debris or equipment on the field, the Ventrac is noticeably more comfortable to get on and off of because it is closer to the ground.It’s essential to keep the college beautiful for faculty, staff, administrators, and athletics at the College of Wooster. Not only do the athletic teams at the C.O.W. expect high-caliber playing fields and turf conditions, but they also strive to be attractive for incoming students. The Ventrac Wide Area Mower helps The College of Wooster keep their grounds looking fantastic, and saves them time and labor while doing it.Products featured in this video:VENTRAC 4500: MK960 WIDE AREA MOWER: For more information, visit Find a dealer near you! Get a FREE catalog! Subscribe here! Connect with Us!Facebook - Instagram - @ventrac_tractorsTwitter - @ventracVideo Transcript:My name is Kody Brooks I am a groundskeeper at the College of Wooster. College of Wooster, we are a division 3 athletic school, so we have six athletic fields we mow and maintain throughout the year with the ventrac. We've been using that now for two years and it's made life a lot easier being the mower being faster. More efficient with fuel less compaction and wear on all of our fields. Standards are set high here. I mean this is very prestigious school and I think a lot of people take a lot of pride in it especially for game days you know they want the best looking field they could possibly have. Generally we mow them about three times a week. Sometimes two depending on weather conditions and if there are varsity games and they're generally mowed or every game. So all six fields that takes us about three to probably four hours. We used to use a nine-foot flex deck mower and now since we've been using the wide area mower we've saved about an hour half two hours of time. The speed you can mow is faster. We are a mowing at around seven to eight miles an hour on athletic fields. Wide area mowers in the past it's mowing speed is only three and a half miles per hour so this is over twice as fast mowing speed. This is our third season at the College of Wooster and the amount of dead areas and compaction that we used to have especially around the edge of the fields in the corners where I used to turn a lot. The areas have recovered being a lot lighter tractor and articulating definitely helps with compaction and turning and not tear up so much turf. This ventrac is much easier to get on and off of since it's much closer to the ground there's debris on the field if there's baseballs left on the field a lot of different things so being able to you know an office definitely an added bonus. I've chopped those up before. It's important to keep colleges nice because the expectations of faculty, staff, administration's, all of our athletics, everyone expects very nice grounds. We thrive to be attractive for incoming students. Our athletic teams expect good playing fields good conditions and so we just try to keep everything as nice as we can and try to impress people.

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