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Mowing Extreme Terrain in Paradise - Hawaii Kona Coffee Farm

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The paradise of Hawaii has extreme terrain to mow and maintain! Rainoldo Cancino moved his family to the island of Hawaii and began with a small farm when he was fairly young. Hard work allowed his dreams to grow into acquiring more land and developing a successful coffee farm. Up on the slopes of Kona, Hawaii is the Cancino Family Farm where they produce approximately 4 million pounds of coffee per year.The farm consists of 600 acres of lush farming land on the slopes of an active volcano. An impressive 60% of the land is mowed terrain that is maintained with a single Ventrac. The mountainside ranges from as low as 800 feet elevation to as high as 2400 feet elevation above sea level. Rainoldo previously had operated a fleet of 4 traditional sub-compact tractors to maintain his 600 acres and unfortunately they were not suited for the terrain of the Hawaiian mountainsides. They had incidences of the tractors tipping over and it was just not safe for the workers to mow the fields.Desperate to find equipment that was able to mow in the hills of their coffee tree farm, they found a Ventrac and it became the solution for the steep slopes and rocky terrain that accompany a mountainside operation.Lava rocks on Mauna Loa are plentiful and often cause an impedance to equipment. Ventrac’s unique frame design articulates in the center, giving the tractor more maneuverability in tight or compact spaces than a traditional sub-compact. The front and rear axles oscillate independently so all four drive tires remain in better contact with the ground. Dual wheels on the Ventrac 4500 provide even further stability on steep slopes and soft ground conditions. The Ventrac 4500 has proven to be able to handle 95% of the areas on the farm and Rainoldo has reduced his tractor fleet from 4 tractors to 1 Ventrac. Products featured in this video:Ventrac 4500: Tough Cut: Dual Wheels: For more information, visit Find a dealer near you! Get a FREE catalog! Subscribe here! Connect with Us!Facebook - Instagram - @ventrac_tractorsTwitter - @ventracI came here when I was fairly young. Bought my own first little farm with my wife and kids, and then I started leasing land, and buying the processing equipment, getting more land, buying farms, and here we are. My name is Rainoldo Cancino I grow coffee here in Kona Hawaii. We produce about 4 million pounds of coffee per year. We have about 600 acres of land out here in Kona, and we have to mow about 60% of those 600 acres. We was using four tractors at one time. We tip over two tractors once in one area. We've just been lucky that the operator was able to jump out. We are in very slopey terrain. We grow from 800 feet elevation up to 2400 feet elevation, so you can tell as you see here it's a big slope. That's why we were desperate looking for something that was able to mow in those hills and Ventrac filled up our needs and we have never had any issue after that. We have a lot of lava rocks here in Hawaii, and they are loose on the ground. The other tractors slide with them and you go into a ditch and they lift the mower way beyond. This Ventrac you never lose your mowing contour it goes like a worm into the field so it's actually pretty good. Ventrac being able to do pretty much 95% of our areas and instead of using four tractors we cut down to one and that was a good choice.

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