One Bucket, Dozens of Jobs - Ventrac Power Bucket - Real World Work

Duration: 3:58 - Views: 10447 Start and finish your landscape or clean-up project with the Ventrac Power Bucket and leave the wheelbarrow in the shed. The Ventrac is a full-time all-wheel drive tractor and features a unique Flex-Frame with a lower ground stance, which allows it to be the best in stability and performance on slopes and rough terrain. By attaching the indispensable Power Bucket to the Ventrac 4500, operators can transport sand, landscape rock, soil, and go where no wheelbarrow or other tractor can go.Commercially designed for professional contractors and homeowners alike, the Power Bucket can do landscape renovation jobs requiring digging, excavation, backfilling, and grading. Optional cutting teeth make the Power Bucket a powerful tool for digging into compacted material. A hardened cutting edge provides a longer life to the bucket edge. The Grapple is available for the Power Bucket to transform it into a multi-job tool. The Grapple allows users to transport debris, brush, branches, and logs securely. The Power Bucket is hydraulically controlled from the operator's seat for smooth, effortless operation. And connecting and disconnecting to the tractor is done in under one minute without tools or heavy lifting. Need a bigger bucket? The Power Bucket Extension Kit increases the Power Bucket capacity a full 75% from 6 cubic feet to 10.5 cubic feet, allowing for more material to be delivered where it's needed.Power Bucket is the preferred choice for moving materials such as mulch, gravel, sand, or dirt and will quickly replace the old wheelbarrow. Products featured in this video:VENTRAC 4500: HE482 POWER BUCKET: HE100 POWER BUCKET GRAPPLE: For more information, visit Find a dealer near you! Get a FREE catalog! Subscribe here! Connect with Us!Facebook - Instagram - @ventrac_tractorsTwitter - @ventrac

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