Tractor Grapple Bucket - Tree Removal on Soft Ground

Duration: 9:58 - Views: 22860 Today we are at a local property to clean up a fallen tree. We are using the Ventrac 4500 with Dual Wheels, Power Bucket and Grapple to do this cleanup job. Warmer than average temperatures in January, combined with a recent inch of rain and excess wind caused the ground to become overly saturated and created the perfect condition for this tree to loosen from the ground.Why is Ventrac perfectly suited for these conditions? We needed something that would be strong enough to handle the weight of the tree cut into sections and also be agile enough to shuttle the piles to the back of the property without causing any damage to the yard.Cleaning up this tree required making a lot of trips with the Ventrac to haul away the limbs and branches as we cut them down. We needed something that was going to have a light footprint and not disturb the yard with all the shuttling back and forth. It helps that the Ventrac has easy to use hand controls that makes the work fun.In total, we made 31 trips to the back of the property to remove the tree in its entirety. The project took about 2 hours to complete. No other piece of machinery can handle these conditions and get the job done as well as Ventrac. The Ventrac is versatile and strong, with over 30 different attachments and a FlexFrame design, you’ll look forward to doing the work on your property. Make Ventrac your most valued yard tool today.Products featured in this video:VENTRAC 4500: HE482 POWER BUCKET: HE100 POWER BUCKET GRAPPLE: For more information, visit Find a dealer near you! Get a FREE catalog! Subscribe here! Connect with Us!Facebook - Instagram - @ventrac_tractorsTwitter - @ventracWe're doing this project today with the ventrac because it's perfectly suited for these conditions. Today is January 13th and we're in Ohio and it's about 45 degrees. It's pretty comfortable out for January. We've been dealing with several days of 40 to 50 degree temperatures and that doesn't seem like it's going to stop for the next week or so. We're also coming off of about an inch of rain in the last couple days and whenever you get conditions like this the winds are coming out strong and the ground is saturated and sometimes you get trees falling over like that because of the way the ground is. We need to be using a ventrac on this property because we're gonna be making a lot of shuttles to move this tree. We're gonna cut it up and we're gonna take all the limbs off and cut it into chunks and there's actually a spot all the way on the back side of the property that we're going to dump it all but to do that we're gonna have to make a bunch of runs back and forth. This makes the ventrac perfect for this project because we're not going to leave any marks in the yard when we're done and we're not gonna tear anything up during this whole process. So we're probably halfway done now. We've got a lot of the limbs off you still got a little bit of cleanup to do but we're down to the main trunk and we've got quite a bit of weight left which is why we want to tackle the root ball next. So we want to try and knock some of this dirt back off into the hole before we cut any more of this tree. That way it doesn't stand up on itself when we cut too much off and get too much weight down with that dirt. So I'm gonna take the tractor and use the bucket to peel away some of that dirt knock it off try and get it back into the hole lighten it up as much as possible so that we can continue to cut the tree and take care of the trunk and we'll do a little bit of cleanup and we'll be on our way. So that's it for this project. It took us about two hours to cut up this tree and remove it and haul it away to a different part of the property. We actually made 31 trips along the same path and as far as I know there is no other machine in the world that can do that amount of work and do that many passes over the same area on a property and do that little damage overall. If you look around there's some debris and some sticks and stuff left over from the tree actually falling and some needles and a little bit of dirt around but if you look at the grass and everywhere that we're driving it's like we were never even there. So it's pretty impressive and with a lot of work with a machine that otherwise didn't do any negative effects to the property. We're able to bring in a little bit of dirt after the fact and level this area off a little bit so it's ready for replanting another tree or shaping this bed again and growing grass or whatever the property owner wishes to do.

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