How To Grow A Business With The Ventrac 4500

Duration: 5:49 - Views: 52042 “Everyone wants it!”. Cameron McMillan is the founder and owner of DJuke Limited, a Sports Turf Contractor in the UK. DJuke specializes in drainage solutions for turf surfaces in the UK and their services allow sports turf facilities like golf courses to stay open longer in inclement weather by allowing proper drainage on the course.
After 36 years as a golf course manager, Cameron’s experience showed him another need coming into the marketplace. He had been looking to add Ventrac machines and attachments as a service for his clients for several months. He felt it seemed like an obvious choice because of its versatility. He knows from using the Ventrac that it’s easy to operate, steering is light, precise and allows the operator to be inch-perfect.
He realized that once you start off with a Ventrac and a baseline of attachments, you can always add more, that’s the beauty of the system.
He is so confident in the usefulness of the machine that if he doesn’t have an attachment and a client asks for it, he will get it because every one of them has value.
The Power Rake became extremely useful and a requested attachment for pathways. DJuke used social media to get the word out about what the Power Rake could do.
He noticed the popularity of this particular attachment is because it saves clients weeks and weeks of work in terms of filling potholes. The amount of work that would take ten laborers a week to complete, he can do in a day with the Power Rake.
The Tough Cut was added to DJuke’s services mainly for woodland management, conservation work, and removing bramble and brush. It is extremely useful in this regard. The articulating nature of the machine allows it to cover very rough terrain and slopes while still getting the job done.
His clients request the use of the Power Broom for clearing golf cart paths, and even the occasional snow, etc.
While the Aera-vator is great for golf green complexes and high traffic areas where bare ground needs attention. This particular attachment allows loosening of topsoil while simultaneously dropping the seed into those areas. He notes that these situations tend to form on areas that are difficult to access with a traditional aerator, usually happening on undulating greens and slopes. Slopes are a perfect match for a Ventrac with dual wheels giving it a wide stance rated for 58% (30 degree) slopes.
Since adding the Ventrac, Djuke has opened up new clients. Offering Ventrac services opens up the door to new opportunities to work with clients every time.

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Video Transcription:
Once you start off with a Ventrac and you start off with a baseline of attachments you can always add more. The power rake we found that extremely useful on pathways. We started doing one pathway which led to another the use social media to advertise that fact and in all honesty, we got booked up very quickly and we got lots of bookings in the future pathway work. You're saving your clients weeks and weeks of work in terms of filling potholes. The amount of work that 10 guys would take a week to do we can do in a day with a power rake. The tough cut we really bought initially for woodland management for conservation works removing course broom, bracken bramble and it's it's proved extremely useful in this regard. Basically can cut areas that other machines can't get to. The articulated nature of the Ventrac machine allows it to cover rough terrain very easily. Today we were in an area that was full of rabbit holes and it didn't lose traction once through that really rough terrain. The broom is also great for just going around hard surfaces particularly golf cart paths where you can remove bits of debris and also in the winter is great for clearing snow. We don't get a lot of snow over here but when we do it can be devastating. So certainly the power broom is going to be useful in that regard at that time of the year as well. The Aera-Vator is a great machine for working around golf green complexes and high-traffic intensive areas where you get bare ground.
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