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https://www.ventrac.com/ At the Rowes Bay Golf Club in Queensland Australia, Jason Bushell describes the Ventrac as the most used machine in their fleet. He calls it ‘half-tractor, half-mower, multi-use machine’.
The versatility and power of the Ventrac allow this golf course superintendent to manage a wide range of ground conditions while keeping course presentation top priority.

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Video Transcript:
My name is Jason Bushel, I'm the superintendent at Rose Bay Golf Club. I've been a superintendent here for the past ten years. Rose Bay is situated in Far North Queensland. The Ventrac fleet at Rowes Bay here includes two 4500 prime mowers, a set of reels, a contour deck, a 72 inch side discharge, a blower, a core aerator, trencher, and a power bucket. I'll describe the Ventrac as a half tractor half mower I suppose. A multi-use machine. A range of uses, plenty of power, it does so much work out here. It goes out every day does probably the most work out of all our equipment. The range of attachments are never-ending. It's probably the most used machine in our fleet. I think our first one has done nearly 1,000 hours in 12 months. I'd recommend the Ventrac to anybody in our industry from golf courses, to sports fields, schools councils. It's it's just such a versatile machine with all the uses. We just get so much use out of it. It's just a real solid investment.

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