Ventrac Unveils the New Ballpark Groomer and Renovator

August 10, 2015

Ventrac, a leading manufacturer of professional grounds management equipment, announces the unveiling of their newest attachments, the Ballpark Groomer and Renovator.  “If there was a ball field equipment hall of fame, these two attachments would be the first pieces inducted.  They are that valuable when maintaining infields,” states Ventrac Product Development Specialist, Aaron Graber. 

Manufactured and designed by Ventrac for use in schools, universities, municipalities, parks and, athletic complexes, the Ventrac Ballpark Groomer and Renovator will transform how ball fields are managed. The complete package consists of both the Renovator and the Groomer attachments. This combination offers an integrated management system for consistently maintaining and renovating playing fields. 

The DR540 Groomer attaches to the rear of a Ventrac or small compact tractor with a simple category one 3-point hitch. The Groomer features a leveling bar for carrying and distributing material to fill in low lying areas.  A roller packs down the dirt to give the field consistent play and bounce. The Groomer also includes a spike bar which opens up a wet field surface to accelerate the drying process.

 Optional accessories for the Groomer include:

  • Brush kit for finishing a dry field
  • Drag kit with both steel and coco mat drags for finishing under varying conditions
  • Suitcase weights can be added to help pack the field and minimize surface ripples
  • Hydraulic Top Link which provides the ability to adjust the groomer on the fly from the operator’s seat

The DG550 Renovator is a high efficiency attachment that fits on the front of a Ventrac tractor and includes 3 renovation blades for weed removal, cutting and maintaining edge lines and leveling.  Depth of the renovation blades are conveniently controlled with the power unit’s auxiliary hydraulic handle.  The scarifier tines break up the ground cut by the blades. The tines may also be used to add a surface mix or a drying agent to the field.  A leveling bar carries and distributes material to low areas for an even, consistent playing surface.   

Resulting Benefits of using the Ventrac Ballpark Groomer and Renovator package include: 

  • Consistently Level Infields
  • Consistent, Safer, and more Predictable Playing Conditions   
  • Complete Control of Edge Lines
  • Superior Wet-Field Preparation
  • Complete Weed Control
  • Controlled Soil Compaction – Firm Surfaces Combined with Properly  De-compacted  Sub Surfaces for Superior Playability and Workability
  • Professional Finish Groomed Appearance and Performance
  • Time and Labor Savings

About Ventrac:  Ventrac equipment is designed and manufactured by Venture Products, Inc. in Orrville, Ohio and is sold only through authorized Ventrac dealers across the world. Ventrac serves a wide variety of markets including golf course turf management, municipalities, parks, schools, universities, snow and landscape contractors, hobby farmers and large acreage estate owners. For more information, visit