70.4063-99 Three-Point Hitch

This product has been discontinued.

The 3-Point Hitch adds the benefit of using numerous light and medium-duty implements* on the rear of Ventrac 4000 Series Tractors. An eight-inch stroke hydraulic cylinder lifts up to 750 pounds (340 kg) at the draw bar through a 14 inch (26 cm) lift range. Each draft bar has a fast pin, adjustable stabilizing bar, and adjustable lift linkage.

Ball joints for the draw bar and implement mounting have lift range from 10 to 24 inches (25 to 61 cm)** and can be adjusted downward five inches (13 cm).

The 3-Point Hitch includes three 42 pound (19 kg) ballast weights, rear remote hydraulic outlet, and an adjustable top link. A lock-hole provision is provided for down pressure.

Control Levers are located directly to the right of the S.D.L.A. control assembly. The inside lever controls the up/down function of the 3 Point Hitch. The middle lever controls the left rear set of Hydraulic couplers while the outer lever controls the right rear set of hydraulic couplers. These twin sets of couplers allows the operator to operate Ventrac Non-PTO power attachments mounted to the 3N1 Adaptor mounted on the 3 Point Hitch. Other non-Ventrac attachments can be mounted to the 3 point hitch as well.

* Non-PTO Powered attachments only** Measurements may vary according to tire size or inflation

  • 70.4063-99 KT, OPT. 3 POINT HITCH FACTORY


Measurement System:

Specifications 70.4063-99
Sales Model 70.4063-99
Full Description KT, Opt. 3 Point Hitch Factory
Product Type Accessory

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