This product has been discontinued.

Ventrac HM & HP Mower Decks utilize a rugged all steel frame design, which suspends the Ventrac's progressive discharge deck. This design gives you a high efficiency grass discharge for a better quality of cut by moving more grass efficiently through the deck tunnel. With the removal of two pins beneath the cross frame, the deck can be easily tilted to a near vertical position for maintenance and storage.

All HM and HP decks offer full-width rear rollers with large pneumatic front swivel caster tires to float over the terrain independent of the tractor. Engage the tractor's integrated adjustable weight transfer system which transfers a percentage of the mower weight back to the tractor, for increased traction and stability on slopes and inclines.

The HP deck is a 72-inch mower which is offset to the left side 6.5 inches. This aids in mowing along ditches, ponds and trimming around obstacles, keeping the tractor on solid ground. The offset also makes for a smaller cutting radius increasing productivity.

The LAS Linear Adjustment System, provides cutting height selections between 1 to 4 inches (4.5 to 12 cm). A single hand height adjustment allows for an effortless change in cutting height. A slide release allows the handle to be returned to the deck level preventing it from catching on low obstacles.

All Ventrac finish mowers feature full width rollers for exceptional yard striping. These professional grade mowers are built to give you maximum performance and productivity.

  • HM602 COMPLETE MOWER DECK 39.55105
  • HM722 COMPLETE MOWER DECK 39.55106
  • HP722 MOWER DECK OFFSET 39.55107
  • 39.55151 HM, KIT MULCHING HM/HP720/722
  • 39.55150 HM, KIT MULCHING HM600/602

Ventrac Benefits

Striping Advantage

A striped lawn is a stunning lawn. The results you get from Ventrac finish mowers will give you a lawn you can be proud of. The full-width rear rollers on each of the finish mowers create a professional striping pattern. You can tell when a lawn has been mowed by a Ventrac!

High End Finish Cut

A full floating deck prevents scalping and will float over the landscape without gouging or tearing up turf. The progressive flow deck design allows for grass to move quickly and easily through the mower and out the discharge chute to leave a flawless finish.

Precise Mowing Height

Ventrac's finish mowers offer you a variety of cutting positions, height levels, and cutting widths to meet your mowing needs. A single lever allows you to quickly make adjustments.

Easy Service Flip-Up Deck

The flip-up deck design is ideal for easy storage, transportation, and servicing. It requires no tools or the removal of belts.


Made with rugged commercial grade components, Ventrac finish mowers will hold up to years of use. Built with heavy gauge steel and a reinforced frame for reliable performance and less down time.

Ventrac Mount System

With a little practice, you can switch almost any attachment within a minute, without any tools or heavy lifting.

Optional Vacuum Collection System

Use your mower to quickly collect fall leaves and overgrown grass. The RV602 is an optional attachment that connects to HM/HP Series mowers.

Industry Solutions


Measurement System:

Specifications 39.55105 39.55106 39.55107
Sales Model HM602 HM722 HP722
Full Description HM, HM602 Complete Mower Deck HM, HM722 Complete Mower Deck HP, HP722 Mower Deck Offset
Product Type Attachment Attachment Attachment
Attachment Type Mower Mower Mower
Front Mount Ventrac Mount System Ventrac Mount System Ventrac Mount System
Mower Type Finish Finish Finish
4000 Series Mount standard standard standard
Mower Specs
Cutting Width 60 in 72 in 72 in
Discharge Type Side Side Side
Discharge Deflector Rubber Rubber Rubber
Flip-Up Deck standard standard standard
Cutting Heights (Standard) 118 to 434 in 118 to 434 in 118 to 434 in
Cutting Positions 13 (plus low & high range) 13 (plus low & high range) 13 (plus low & high range)
Cutting Height Adjustment Type Single lever quick select Single lever quick select Single lever quick select
Deck Construction Multi-Gauge 5/16 inch (7.9 mm) at spindle mount Multi-Gauge 5/16 inch (7.9 mm) at spindle mount Multi-Gauge 5/16 inch (7.9 mm) at spindle mount
Number of Blades 3 3 3
Blade Type 2012 in low lift 2434 in low lift 2434 in low lift
Deck Suspension 2 front tires with full width rear roller 2 front tires with full width rear roller 2 front tires with full width rear roller
Length 52 in 58 in 58 in
Width with Chute 73 in 85 in 85 in
Height 16 in 16 in 16 in
Weight 385 lbs 472 lbs 472 lbs
Length of Tractor with Deck Up 102 in 106 in 106 in

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