This product has been discontinued.

Ventrac LM Mowers have cutting widths of 44 (export only), 52 and 60 inches (111, 132, 152 cm) and utilize a rugged all steel frame design, which suspends the Ventrac's discharge deck. This design gives you a high efficiency grass discharge for a better quality of cut by moving more grass efficiently through the deck tunnel. With the removal of two pins beneath the cross frame, the deck can be easily tilted to a near vertical position for maintenance and storage.

These mowers, equipped with a full width rear roller and wide pneumatic front swivel tires float over terrain independent of the tractor. The traction transfer system on the VENTRAC 3000 reduces mower weight on the ground and increases the traction and stability of the tractor.

LAS, a unique Linear Adjustment System, provides cutting height selections between 1" and 3.75 inches (4 and 9.5 cm). A single handle with a slight outward pull allows for a quick and easy change in cutting height selection. A slide release allows the handle to be returned to deck level, preventing it from catching on low branches and shrubs.

All Ventrac LM finish mowers feature a full width rear roller for the ultimate in yard striping. These professional grade mowers are built to give you maximum performance and productivity.

  • LM440 MOWER DECK CE 39.35104
  • LM520 MOWER DECK COMPLETE 39.35100
  • LM600 MOWER DECK COMPLETE 39.35101
  • 39.35150 LM, KIT MULCHING DECK LM520
  • 39.35151 LM, KIT MULCHING DECK LM600

Industry Solutions


Measurement System:

Specifications 39.35100 39.35101 39.35104
Sales Model LM520 LM600 LM440
Full Description LM, LM520 Mower Deck Complete LM, LM600 Mower Deck Complete LM, LM440 Mower Deck CE
Product Type Attachment Attachment Attachment
Attachment Type Mower Mower
Front Mount Ventrac Mount System Ventrac Mount System Ventrac Mount System
3000 Series Mount standard standard standard
Mower Type Finish Finish
Mower Specs
Cutting Width 52 in 60 in 44 in
Discharge Type Side Side Side Discharge
Discharge Deflector Metal Pivots up with spring tension downward Metal Pivots up with spring tension downward
Flip-Up Deck standard standard
Cutting Heights (Standard) 112 to 334 in 112 to 334 in
Cutting Positions 10 10 10
Cutting Height Adjustment Type Single lever quick select Single lever quick select
Number of Blades 3 3 3
Blade Type 18 in low lift 2012 in low lift
Deck Construction Multi-Gauge .22 inch (56 mm) at spindle mount Multi-Gauge .22 inch (56 mm) at spindle mount
Deck Suspension 2 front tires with full width rear roller 2 front tires with full width rear roller
Length 45 in 45 in 4134 in
Overall Width 53 in 60 in 44 in
Width with Chute 54 in
Height 13 in 13 in 1212 in
Weight 273 lbs 310 lbs 220 lbs
Length of Tractor with Deck Up 87 in 92 in 7912 in

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