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A Healthy Lawn is an Aerated Lawn

The simple act of aerating can prevent thatch, improve drainage, increase oxygen and grow a thick healthy lawn. One major reason to aerate is to relieve soil compaction. Grass growing in compacted or wet or slow draining soil is often invaded by weeds and develops thick thatch. A heavily thatched lawn is deprived of oxygen and won't allow for good root growth, resulting in grass die off. Drainage will be poor and not allow nutrients to reach the root system.

Why Aerate?

  • Increases and stimulates shoot growth
  • Improved wetting of dry soils
  • Accelerates drying of wet soils
  • Increases infiltration
  • Creates a full plush lawn with healthy growth

Featured Products

Why Use Ventrac Aerator Attachments?

EB480 Aerator

Ventrac has more aerating choices to address your lawn care needs. Lower your equipment costs by utilizing versatile attachments to get your work done. Open spoon tines (EB480) create a hole without bringing a core to the surface, saving the extra step of cleanup. Delivers penetration of the soil with minimal disruption to the surface, yet allows for benefits to the health of the turf.

Core tines (EB480) will extract cores to allow for more drainage opportunity. This method allows fertilizers, water and nutrients to be incorporated quickly into the soil.

EA600 Aera-vator

Vibrating Tines (EA600) fractures the surface to aerate by loosening the soil beneath the sod without destroying the surface. This method also creates an ideal soil bed for seeding and is best for hard, dry soil. The Aera-Vator leaves the turf ready to use immediately after treatment with no down time. You also have the ability to aerate and over-seed at the same time with the optional Seed-Box.