Featured Products Power Rake


  • Weeding gravel driveways or walking paths
  • New lawn prep work
  • Leveling rough ground
  • Removing rocks and debris
  • Leveling out gravel drives


  • 72 Replaceable Carbide Tips
  • Forward and Reverse Rotation
  • Hydraulically driven Rotor
  • Rotor can be angled to guide debris
  • Compact design for working around edges or corners
  • Adjustable side wings for containing material
  • Fast and accurate height adjustment handle

Featured Product

KP540 Power Rake (4000 series)
Power in a compact package. Discover the Ventrac Power Rake attachment.

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Discover the powerful advantages of the Ventrac Power Rake. This amazing attachment will save labor, time and hard work for homeowners and landscapers as well as city, county or state commercial properties. Used for new lawn preparation, leveling ground and removing ground and surface rocks, the Power Rake is just the tool for getting the task done quickly and easily.

Offering a Power Rake as a rental attachment is an excellent way to add revenue to a business. Rental customers will love how the Power Rake performs and takes all the hard work out of preparing new lawns or tidying up gravel drives.

Nature Parks find the compact size of the Power Rake very useful to revive gravel walking paths without the use of chemical sprays or tearing up the landscape with larger equipment.

Power Rake on gravel before & after

Weeds overtaking the gravel driveway? The Power Rake will freshen up gravel as it turns under the weeds and brings any compacted gravel to the surface. Driveways will be transformed into a fresh gravel surface in no time at all.

Power Rake on dirt, before & after

The Perfect Attachment: Landscape businesses find the Power Rake the perfect attachment for saving labor and time. Landscapers have a continuous need for preparing new seed beds and the Power Rake does several actions at once making quick work out of the preparation. It does exactly what landscapers need it to do... level the ground, remove rocks and debris and giving the soil the perfect base for seed.

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