Rich Eiseman Estate Owner

Their Ventrac Equipment

4231 w/ heated cab (new style) & three point hitch w/ 3-n-1, V-plow, Snow Blower w/ upper auger, Loader w/ pallet forks & manure forks, 60" finish mower deck, Aero-vator w/ seeder kit & roller, excavator bucket, and Terra Rake w/ hydro lift link.

Their Ventrac Story

I purchased this 4231 a few years back as a machine that I could use for many tasks. I have used it to build our vacation home, grade the driveway, move snow, haul over 35 tons of fill for a pole building floor, back fill water and drainage lines, mow the property, remove trees and the list goes on and on. I love that I can purchase one machine that can accomplish multiple tasks.

We just purchased a 2.5 acre lot to build our new home on and will be using it to clear the property. So, needless to say I see a stump grinder in my future, along with a power rake. On another note, we had a landscaper bury his dump truck loaded full of top soil in our newly graded yard. He was so buried that he could not tilt the bed up enough to unload it and was going to have to shovel it all out. I went and hooked up to my slip scoop and was able to build a ramp up into the back of the dump and remove the top soil scoop by scoop. The landscaper could not believe that I was able to drive all the way up and into the bed of his dump while scooping dirt. Needless to say, he is now looking into a Ventrac for his fleet of machines.

I love that I can purchase one machine that can accomplish multiple tasks.Rich Eiseman

Why they are a Ventrac fan

Everyone that has seen this machine can't believe all the tasks it can accomplish. I rave about this little tractor and always welcome people to try it. It is very user friendly, even to people that are not used to running a hydraulic machine.