Joan Miller Estate Owner

Their Ventrac Story

Joan Miller was tired of spending her entire weekends trying to maintain nearly thirty acres of rough, hilly terrain and thick wooded areas. So she turned to "The One Tractor Solution" to help get the job done faster and easier than ever. Ventrac made it possible to reclaim her valuable weekend time.

Mowing used to take Joan most of her weekend as she struggled tackling the steep hills and uneven ground with other equipment. Her husband was concerned for her safety and she never felt confident using the other mowers that just weren't made for the job. With Ventrac, Joan can get all the mowing done in just one day with complete confidence in a machine that is built to handle those steep hills and her husband is happier too.

Joan uses the Tough Cut mower attachment to take down thick brush and multiflora roses, in excess of seven feet tall. She can now be done in a fraction of the time, when it used to take hours of operating a heavy, back-breaking weedeater that needed constant blade changes. But it's not just mowing that is made easier with Ventrac. She can also clear all the fallen leaves far faster with the blower attachment than a cumbersome backpack blower and the power brush clears snow quickly and easily during the winter.

With Ventrac, Joan can enjoy spending her weekends with her family and its versatility to perform in any season allows her to do that all year long.

Before we started using the Ventrac we were spending most of our weekends mowing. After I started using the Ventrac I could get all the mowing done in one day. Which freed up our weekends to spend time together as a family.Joan Miller