Testimonial Spencer Headley

Spencer Headley

Their Ventrac Equipment

ventrac 4200 vxd gas and a ventrac 4200 vxd turbo diesel. plow, 72 inch mower deck, 62 inch mower deck, snow blower, power broom, quick scoop, rough cut (x2), and a salt spreader

Their Ventrac Story

We have a 250 acres farm with lots of atv trails and pastures. But we never had one tractor that could maintain them all. We use the mower decks to mow our pastures and brush. We use our slip scoop to spread gravel. We use the snow blower to snow blow our very long driveway. We use the broom to groom the trails. Then at the end of the day me and my friend race the diesel vs gas. Everytime someone comes and sees our farm they ask us to show them all the equipment we use and we just point at our two little Ventracs sitting there.

I don't know if I'm the top Ventrac fan, but I'm sure I'm a big one.Spencer Headley

Why they are a Ventrac fan

I don't know if I'm the top Ventrac fan, but I'm sure I'm a big one. A lot of people think its a weird looking tractor but i think the opposite I think the Ventrac looks normal and regular tractors look weird. We loved our Ventrac so much that we bought it a brother.