HJ Excavators


Product Overview

This product has been discontinued.

The HJ Excavator is designed to dig either in forward or reverse.

Dual cutting edges include one serrated and one smooth to tackle tough jobs or delicate work. The serrated cutting edge makes short work of digging in hard soils and is great for serious excavating. The smooth cutting edge is great for sod removal and peeling to a desired depth.

Manual rotation of the rear bucket panel is all that's necessary to change cutting edges and direction of action, allowing you to tackle your job either head on or from the rear.


HJ300 EXCAVATOR 39.55236

HJ480 EXCAVATOR 39.55230


Measurement System:

Specifications 39.55230 39.55236
Sales Model HJ480 HJ300
Full Description HJ, HJ480 Excavator HJ, HJ300 Excavator
Product Type Attachment Attachment
Front Mount Ventrac Mount System Ventrac Mount System
3000 Series Mount standard standard
4000 Series Mount standard standard
Working Width 48 in 30 in
Overall Height 13 in 13 in
Length 34 in 32 in
Overall Width 5312 in 3412 in
Weight 180 lbs 145 lbs
Max Ground Clearance, Raised (4500) 11 in 11 in
Max Ground Clearance, Dumped (4500) varies varies
Crated Weight 256 lbs 192 lbs
Bucket Capacity 5 ft3 3.6 ft3


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