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Power Slip Scoop

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Slip Scoop Advantages:

  • Handy to move dirt, sand or gravel in tight, small areas
  • Hydraulically controlled from the driver's seat
  • Just the right size for landscaping jobs where space is an issue
  • Mounts on the tractor with ease using the Ventrac Mount system
  • Versatile use at a job site or in your own backyard
  • Choice of 30" to 48" bucket sizes

Featured Product

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Slip Scoops HE Series

A compact Ventrac tractor with an HE slip scoop presents a great advantage when you need to move in and around small spaces and work around tight areas where large tractors can't go.

HE Slip Scoops are a must-have power attachment for any landowner, municipality, landscaper, small farm, resort, camp, park and hobby farm. The Scoop allows you to dig, move or level a wide variety of materials like mulch, soil, gravel, sand, and more. Combined with the Ventrac 3000 or 4000 series tractors, the slip scoop performs efficiently in areas with little room or on rough terrain and hillsides.

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Excavator Bucket

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Excavator Advantages:

  • Dual cutting edges for greater uses
  • Can also be used for removing sod
  • Innovative design allows for forward or reverse excavation
  • Optional rear operation with 3-N-1 adapter & 3-point hitch
  • Excavates and hauls material all in one attachment
  • Ruggedly built for high performance

Product Feature:

Excavator Buckets HJ Series

Ventrac Excavator buckets get down and dig to get your work done moving soil, debris, mulch, and more.

HJ Excavator bucket attachments can haul, dig and excavate various materials as well as cut sod. Designed with two cutting edges to give you more flexibility. The serrated cutting edge works well in hard soils and serious excavating. The smooth edge is great for peeling back sod at a desired depth.

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