Video 14U Softball Tournament a Success Despite Rain with Proper Field Equipment

14U Softball Tournament a Success Despite Rain with Proper Field Equipment

Duration: 4:02 - Views: 138611 - Each year the city of Orrville, Ohio hosts "Fire in the Sky", a major 14U Softball Tournament. 96+ teams play a combined 257 games over a 4-day period. Chris Bishop, Chairman of the Orrville Firefighters Association, is in charge of making sure each field is immaculate and ready for play. Bishop relies heavily on locally manufactured Ventrac for all his equipment needs.

This past year, in particular, was a challenge when 19 straight days of rain canceled other softball tournaments across the state. With Ventrac's Turbine Blower and Ballpark Groomers and Renovators, Bishop and his crews were able to keep the tournament running.

"The Ballpark Groomer on our Ventrac is second to none," says Bishop. "It's a multi-purpose tool. If the field is damp, it has the drying capability. It has a roller, tines, leveler, and brushes. Whatever you need to do for your field, it's on that ball groomer."

It all comes down to safety for Bishop. "We aren't going to allow any kids on an unsafe field condition," says Bishop. "The Ventrac equipment allows to get out and make sure that this is a safe playing condition, that they are not going to get hurt because the field is conditioned properly."

Visiting coaches have taken notice. "The field crew is on top of things. The fields are in immaculate conditions," says Coach Mike Waddell of the Diamonds Elite 01. "You know you are going to get good hops on the field when you see this machine go to work because the field is smooth, it is easier for the players to field the ball and attack the ball."

Finally, the versatility of the Ventrac makes it much more than just a field groomer. Besides the blower, Bishop can also mow and aerate the fields. "One Tractor and we were doing everything we needed to do in all the fields," says Bishop.

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