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Ventrac 4520 Takes Versatility to the Next Level

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Ventrac 4520 Takes Versatility to the Next LevelThrough Ventrac’s advanced engineering and design efforts, the best mix of machine performance, operator experience, and durability has come together in the new 4520 tractor.Features of the Ventrac 4520 include a redesigned dashboard with USB charging port, faster auxiliary hydraulic speed, brighter LED lighting output, quieter operation, and overall improved performance.The 4520 is equipped with FlexFrame and a low-profile design for more stability and better ground contact. A compact design allows for better utilization of trailer/shop space. Ventrac’s unique weight transfer capabilities allow for increased stability and traction in all situations.All-season versatility really sets the Ventrac 4520 apart from the rest. No matter the weather or the job, Ventrac is unstoppable in deep snow and offers all-wheel drive for superior traction in all situations.Operator comfort is reached with intuitive and effortless steering and controls. And tool-free quick-connect attachments offer better visibility, productivity, and ease of use for the operator.A light footprint is achieved with eight tires for better weight distribution and minimized impact on turf. As a result, operators have peace of mind on soft ground conditions with the Ventrac 4520.Products featured in this video:VENTRAC 4520: KJ520 NARROW BROOM: MS720 FINISH MOWER: HE482 POWER BUCKET: KG540 POWER RAKE: MW720 FINE CUT FLAIL: HQ682 TOUGH CUT: KD SNOW BLADE: MJ840 CONTOUR MOWER: KC523 SNOW BLOWER: KY400 TRENCHER: For more information, visit Find a dealer near you! Get a FREE catalog! Subscribe here! Connect with Us!Facebook - Instagram - @ventrac_tractorsTwitter - @ventrac

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  1. 4:44
    GCI Turf, Pete Denny | Investment in Ventrac Adds Revenue
  2. 2:32
    Ventrac 4520 Vs. Winter Snow
  3. 4:04
    GCI Turf, Pete Denny | Hard Work and Humble Beginnings
  4. 10:15
    Ventrac 4520 Takes Versatility to the Next Level
  5. 6:50
    Small Tractor for Vineyard Row Maintenance
  6. 4:38
    Wildfire Land Preparation | Hillsides & Creek Bottoms
  7. 1:42
    The Next Generation | Ventrac Tough Cut
  8. 7:39
    Top Kentucky Horse Farms : Equestrian’s #1 Tractor
  9. 6:30
    How To Stripe Hills With a Flail Mower
  10. 6:32
    Ozark Mountain Property Mowed with Ventrac
  11. 7:04
    In Over Our Heads - Blowing Through 7' Of Snow
  12. 5:36
    Maui’s Best Golf Course Keeps Things Beautiful
  13. 2:11
    Tall Brush on Hillside - Satisfying Timelapse
  14. 5:30
    A Year With Ventrac - The 4 Seasons Strong Tractor
  15. 4:56
    Try This Before You Buy Gravel - Driveway Revival
  16. 8:48
    Wildfire vs Tractor - California Homeowner Prevents Total Loss with Ventrac
  17. 2:17
    The Tractor You Can’t Live Without This Fall - Ventrac Versatility Leaf Management
  18. 1:04
    The Fastest Way Ever to Move Fall Leaves - Ventrac Leaf Plow
  19. 2:52
    Ventrac Stump Grinder Putting in the Work - Removing Tree Stumps The Easy Way
  20. 13:23
    The King of Tractor Versatility - Ventrac 4500 Full Attachment Lineup
  21. 1:55
    Ventrac 2020 Special Edition Tractors For Children's Charity
  22. 1:38
    The Fastest Ventrac Mower Ever - NEW Wide Area Mower
  23. 9:20
    The Legendary Ventrac 4500 Tractor
  24. 8:33
    Removing Deep Snow From Sidewalks with the Ventrac Snow Blower
  25. 5:45
    Ukraine Ministry Receives Compact Tractor For Maintaining Grounds
  26. 3:12
    Tractor Company Supports Ukraine Orphanage
  27. 6:20
    Mow Impossible Areas With The Ventrac MA900 Boom Mower – Simple Start
  28. 4:34
    Mowing Extreme Hills on Dams, Ditches, Levees and Steep Banks
  29. 2:19
    Repairing a Gravel Driveway with the Ventrac Power Rake
  30. 2:05
    First Look - NEW Ventrac Boom Mower
  31. 1:02
    How to Connect Ventrac Attachments
  32. 3:52
    Ventrac Tractor Reviews
  33. 3:56
    Canadian National Pond Hockey Tournament Cleans Ice Surfaces with Tractor
  34. 4:20
    Neighbors Working Together - SnowBuddy
  35. 1:54
    Pumpkins vs Fireball Turbine Launcher
  36. 1:10
    Ventrac SSV - The Sidewalk Snow Vehicle
  37. 3:09
    21 Year-Old Grows Lawn Care Business with Ventrac
  38. 1:56
    HUGE American Flag Mowed in Field
  39. 3:54
    Ventrac Vs Mini Skid Steer : Trenching
  40. 3:13
    How to Install a New Lawn with One Tractor - Ventrac
  41. 4:46
    Ventrac Vs. Normal Tractor: Turf Damage
  42. 2:49
    Repair Playground Mulch with Ventrac Power Rake
  43. 3:51
    Maintaining Premiere College Campus with Ventrac
  44. 4:39
    New Premium Finish Mower Decks by Ventrac
  45. 3:10
    One Woman. One Tractor. Beautiful Results.
  46. 3:39
    Boy Scouts of America Summit Bechtel Reserve Property Maintenance
  47. 3:19
    Mowing Thick Brush on a Steep Slope with a Ventrac
  48. 3:29
    Macadamia Farmers Restore Neglected Farm with a Ventrac
  49. 2:11
    How To Edge Sidewalks - Fast and Easy with Ventrac
  50. 1:23
    The Easiest Way to Move a Trailer

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