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How to Set Up Your Tractor to Safely Mow Slopes – Ventrac MMM

Duration: 5:51 - Views: 4885 On this Monday Morning Minute, Aaron talks about setting up the Ventrac 4500 for hillside operation. As always, read the operators manual before mowing or operating any another attachment on slopes.Products featured in this video:Ventrac 4500: Finish Mower: Tough Cut: Aera-Vator: Dual Wheels: For more information, visit Find a dealer near you! Get a FREE catalog! Subscribe here! Connect with Us!Facebook - Instagram - @ventrac_tractorsTwitter - @ventrac If you can familiarize yourself with the tractor on flat ground before you attempt to mow Hills you'll be way better off. The next tip is to be aware of the immediate conditions you're about to work on. You want to make sure it's not too wet or too dry. You're gonna make sure there are no holes or ruts divots things that you have to avoid. You also want to make sure that the hill doesn't exceed the slope rating of the tractor which is 30 degrees if you have dual wheels. And speaking of duals make sure your tractor has them. That's the tip. That's it. We recommend six to eight psi on the outer wheels and eight to 10 psi on the inner wheels. The majority of our tractors are running all-terrain tires so when you have that tread pattern just remember eight tires, eight psi. The first thing to point out is never leave your tractor parked on a hill like this. If you read the manual it'll clearly state always leave your tractor parked on a stable level surface since this video is a little bit about both showing you what to do and what not to do we can show this but it'll showcase some of the features we're talking about a little bit better as well. So first, obviously, your ROPS always needs to be up and seat belt always goes on. The third safety feature is a sloped gauge and that'll give you a visual readout an audible alarm so that you know exactly where you are at all times what degree of hill you're operating on. Next we want to talk about operational things so from the operator seat you can see here this is your drive lever so if you have a mower deck on your mowing a hillside you always want to be in the float position. That way the attachment is contacting the ground and it's providing as consistent traction as possible that also works with and in conjunction with weight transfer and that setting is over here on the left side of the tractor. You'll have to adjust this on level ground with the attachment up in the air but you can see here it's in setting number four which is the maximum amount of weight transfer and that's what you want promoting a hill because you'll have the most traction possible to give you the best operational results. Also another important thing you need to make sure of before you operate on a hill is that your fuel tank is full and it never gets lower than half a tank because if you're going too long continuously in one direction it's possible that if you're too low and your fuel tank that you might not suck enough fuel up and you can potentially stall the tractor. The first operational test we're going to do is to put the tractor in high range and try to climb this 30-degree hill and then after that we'll put it in low range and show you the difference. What you saw there is in high range the tractor made it part way up the hill and then the drive lever became a lot harder to push and the engine started to strain. That's the point where you need to get the feel for the lever and understand that if you hit that point you need to back back down the hill put it in low range and then you'll be able to climb the hill with no extra effort on the lever or on the engine rpms. the next thing we're going to show is weight transfer on vs. off. The first thing I'll do is have weight transfer completely on the best way to show this will be to go sideways and I'll just drive towards the camera and you'll see the tractor. Understanding weight transfer and the float function is critical to operating your ventrac on hillsides. As you can see by the test having weight transfer fully on the ventrac performed remarkably better than having weight transfer fully off.

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