Striping On Mountains

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Striping On Mountains At University Campus

The State University of New York at Delhi campus spreads across the valleys and hills in the heart of the Catskill mountains of upstate New York. Hilly and steep terrain pepper this college campus with beautiful views that lead to stunning first impressions.

For the grounds crew who maintain this campus, everyday challenges involve maintaining the hills and the roads, which require specialized equipment. Even with 4-wheel drive mowers, conquering hills was still challenging for the grounds crew at SUNY. However, since adding the Ventrac 4500 to their fleet, they've experienced a vast improvement to their hillside mowing capabilities. And the results speak for themselves with bold stripes and a pristine finish.

The Ventrac Weight Transfer system allows the operator to customize the experience according to terrain requirements. Traction control is the primary feature of weight transfer. The system enables users to transfer ground force away from the front attachment to the tractor's front axle. This creates increased stability on extreme slopes leading to better traction. With dual wheels installed, the 4500 can operate in any direction on 30-degree hills.

Ventrac tractors excel on slopes and rough terrain with a unique FlexFrame design that articulates in the center, giving the tractor more maneuverability in tight or compact spaces than a traditional sub-compact. The patented drive controls make operation smooth, comfortable, and fun. The FlexFrame allows the front and rear axles to oscillate independently, so all four drive tires remain in better contact with the ground, even on the roughest terrain. Because of Ventrac's Flex Frame, the mowing deck and tractor can float over undulations and no longer have scalping issues. The deck indeed follows the contours of the surface.

The university grounds staff, faculty, and students at SUNY Delhi believe the Ventrac is in a league of its own and enjoy witnessing this unique tractor make their campus beautiful.

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