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Duration: 3:20 - Views: 37279 Versatility That Works.Hear the voice of the customer. These customers are thoroughly impressed with the performance of their Ventrac in outperforming other equipment and making their work easier. Providing year-round income, no matter the season and being an integral part of their operating crew are just a few reasons these ground management professionals and property owners are happy with their Ventrac.A quality made-in-the-USA piece of equipment is greatly appreciated by combat veteran Meyers. And the durability of Ventrac to hold up for 10+ years led Gary Craun to purchase his second Ventrac to keep up with the work at the airport. Gwen keeps finding more areas to mow on her property because her Ventrac can go anywhere and she trusts its reliability.Ventrac offers a safer, more productive alternative to other equipment on the market while offering less turf damage and overall versatility.Witness the Ventrac tackle an array of turf variations in all seasons, all over the world. From professional ballpark management in New York, to golf turf maintenance in the UK, to macadamia nut farming in Australia the Ventrac is an integral part of these operations.What does Ventrac do for you? For more information, visit Find a dealer near you! Get a FREE catalog! Subscribe here! Connect with Us!Facebook - Instagram - @ventrac_tractorsTwitter - @ventracVideo Transcript:This Ventrac is awesome. I mean it is so impressive. The Ventrac's not a gimmick. This machine does it How they say "it's a Jeep thing." Yeah "it's a Ventrac thing." I'm even wearing a Ventrac shirt. Come on you guys! Well the Ventrac was so impressive we bought a second Ventrac and we've had Ventracs now well over ten years and it would probably last forever. My Ventrac is a year-long source of income for me. There are no down days but it doesn't matter what season it's more versatile than anything I've ever owned. It's been a big game-changer for me. In the past, I've always gone with a machine to do a specific job and there are not many machines I would ever go out and look at where you've got different attachments to do different jobs. I've been buying machines now for over 26-27 years and it's probably one of the best pieces of equipment I've bought. One minute you know you're more in a bank and you've come across a couple of tree stumps that you could do is take it out you put the stump grinder there on and you can go down here and you can take your stumps out as well. I'll recommend that machine to anybody. You look at how nice this baseball field looks. That Ventrac made that possible to happen all in one day. And that's one person running the Machine. I do not have a single complaint about that machine at all. It was safer than what I ran it was more productive than what I ran and it got the job done without doing any turf damage. I keep finding more to mow because the Ventrac is so reliable and goes anywhere. We can't afford any downtime so if we're going to do something you need to have the best machines we can for the job and that's why we use Ventracs. Once you get on to the Ventrac you never want to get off it. I just can't go back to the zero-turn mower since I got her. Completely made in the USA product. Which is cool and it's not one of those crappy made USA products. This is true USA made. Beautiful thick steel. You know as a combat veteran, it means a lot to me to buy a product that's actually made and manufactured in the United States. I fought for this country and that means a lot to me. That machine that you see behind me is going to be part of my crew hopefully until the day I retire and hopefully for the next gentleman after me. The only thing I don't like about Ventrac is it's a little sharp when you try to hug it. Because if I could cuddle with it I would I mean I love that machine.

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