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One Tractor For Every Season | Ventrac 4520

The only tractor you need is the Ventrac 4520. From brush mowing steep hills to laying stripes on manicured ballfields, the versatility of Ventrac starts in the spring. And it works entirely into the winter season with commercial-grade snow removal attachments and a heated cab for comfort.

Stump removal, garden tilling, and yard work projects in the springtime are just a few examples of work the Ventrac 4520 can handle. For example, the Stump Grinder easily removes pesky eyesores like old tree stumps from your yard. And when it's time to plant that garden, the Ventrac Tiller attachment is the perfect tool to get the job done without leaving the tractor's seat. And the Power Bucket is a less labor-intensive wheelbarrow substitute that will make your neighbors jealous.

Spring flows into a summer full of mowing those steep hills with tall brush and laying down broad stripes that save time and labor while leaving fantastic results. The Tough Cut mower deck handles tall, dense brush on up to 30-degree slopes with dual wheels. And the Wide Area Mower cuts one pass at 95 inches wide, which is excellent for summertime mowing efficiency.

The fall season is all about leaf removal and cleanups with a tractor that has a light footprint for those rainy autumn days. Ventrac's turbine-style blower is designed to blow large volumes of air, clearing leaves from vast areas. And moving those giant piles of leaves is easy with the Leaf Plow, which can be mounted on the 3-point hitch of the tractor, allowing for the use of a high-powered blower on the front PTO, making this the most efficient leaf removal combination ever.

When the snow arrives in the winter, you're prepared with all the tools to de-ice, scrape and brush the snow away from sidewalks and driveways. Clear a path in the deep snow from the comfort of a heated cab and choose from blades, brooms, and blowers to move the heavy snow as it falls.

The Ventrac tractor offers customers true versatility with over 30 industrial-grade attachments. This video highlights various tasks as the 4520 tractor works in every season. Each attachment is engineered and constructed to run like a dedicated commercial machine, giving you years of service and tasks done well.

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