Video HQ680 Operations Overview for Ventrac

HQ680 Operations Overview for Ventrac

Duration: 4:37 - Views: 31349 The tough cut is one of our most popular attachments with the ability to mow down thick grass, weeds, and heavy brush up to one inch in diameter. This deck as a 68-inch cut width to process high volumes of material without bogging down. It is easy to see the benefits of this mower to homeowners, contractors, municipalities, golf courses, and many more.

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Video Transcript:
I'm Aaron Graber and in this video we're going to talk about one of our most popular attachments the HQ680 tough cut. The tough cut is our most versatile mower deck and it's utilized by all different types of customers. It's capable of cutting anything from field grass to woody plant material up to one inch in diameter. The tough cut has a 68 inch cut width and is a three blade rear-discharge design. This helps process high volumes of material without bogging down. In its standard form the tough cut has three separate cut heights: three, three and five-eighths, and four and a quarter inches. With the optional swivel wheel kit you have the ability to change the cut height from three and a half inches to seven inches in half-inch increments. Just like all Ventrac mower decks the tough cut has the ability to be flipped up from the front for easy cleaning and maintenance. The tough cut connects to the tractor via the front hitch arms and the belt driven PTO. Belt drive is a clear advantage in this application because you don't have to worry about breaking shear pins or building excess heat with hydraulic drive. If you come up to an obstruction or you build up too much material in the deck the belt can slip and you can back off and let the mower deck catch back up before it does any damage. It's a much more convenient way to mow in rough applications. To gain access to the center of the deck you remove the rubber latch on both sides and flip up the hood. This will reveal all the spindles and drive belts for any pre-checks or maintenance that you need to do. This also gives you access to the pin locations for the flip up procedure if you just have the standard gauge wheels you adjust the cut height by moving both the left and right-side wheels into the different slots on the deck. If you do have the optional swivel wheel kit you adjust the cut height by changing where those are bolted on and also by changing the pins located near the hitch arms. The kickstand of a tough cut is an important feature that you need to know for operation. There's three separate positions of the kickstand and they're all used for something different. When you're actually mowing with the tough cut or you've got it in transport use the top position if you don't the kickstand will hang down and can catch the ground. Place the kickstand in the middle position to use the flip up procedure and when you're attaching or detaching make sure the kickstand is in the lower position. This places the hitch arms at the right place so that you can actually drive into the deck or out of it. To flip the tough cut up you want to park the tractor on a level surface raise the hitch arms all the way up then you need to remove the deck lid pull the front and rear pins on both sides set the kickstand to the middle position lift the deck up and then replace the front pins for safety. The advantages of our tough cut are so impactful they have made it our number one selling attachment. First of all this deck on a 4500 tractor is able to go into places where other machines can't get to sometimes that means mowing on steep hills other times it means mowing in very wet or swampy areas. The tough cut deck is engineered to work well and built to last. It has heavy duty components and deck construction so that it can stand up to true commercial use day in and day out. This deck has proven to be irreplaceable for golf courses, municipalities, schools, and contractors doing anything from mowing native areas to clearing paths through the woods. It's truly the most versatile deck we have and it handles almost anything. Thanks for watching this video on the tough cut visit our website at to find the dealer near you or to learn more about this and other Ventrac products.

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