Video Simple Start - Operations Overview for the Ventrac KP540 Power Rake

Simple Start - Operations Overview for the Ventrac KP540 Power Rake

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The Power Rake might be best known for its ability to renovate gravel driveways compacted and ruined by heavy traffic and winter conditions. One reason the Power Rake is perfect for this job is because of the tractor’s articulating and oscillating action combined with a light footprint. This makes it the perfect choice for delicate surfaces that would be too disrupted by a skid steer or larger tractor.

The Power Rake’s unique mechanism of action is 72 carbide tips that pulverize and refine the soil or surface. Materials broken up can then be moved forward or to either side by hydraulically angling the drum left or right. The drum can then be reversed to allow back-dragging of soils.

The compact design of the Power Rake allows for work in tight quarters including around corners and edges of your property.
Power Rake has a working width of 54 inches and can angle left and right up to 18 degrees.
With the addition of dual wheels to the tractor, contractors can use this attachment on job sites with slopes up to 30 degrees.

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Video Transcript:
I'm Aaron Graber with Ventrac. In this video, we'll discuss the power rake. The power rake is an excellent tool for finished grading or renovation work on dirt or gravel surfaces. Because of the articulation and oscillation of the tractor and it's low ground pressure you can use this power rake on surfaces that would be too delicate for a skid steer or a larger tractor. With dual wheels on the tractor, this power rake is capable of working on hills up to 30 degrees. This means that contractors or other users can do jobs with this equipment that they wouldn't be able to with other equipment. The power rake has a working with of 54 inches and can angle left and right up to 18 degrees. The drum has a total of 72 carbide tips that are individually replaceable and it has a height adjustment range of 3.5 inches. The power rake attaches to the tractor using the front hitch arms, the belt driven PTO, and the two main hydraulic lines. Across the front of the drum, we have a dirt flap that can be adjusted by loosening these two bolts on both sides and then pivoting it closer or further away from the drum. The closer the flap is the smaller the debris it let's carry over the drum and creates a cleaner finished product. You can leave these plates pinned up and out of the way which will allow the material to flow out the side or you can pull this pin and move it down to one of these three adjustment holes to carry the material. On the top of the power rake you have your depth control you press this down and then move this one direction or the other to raise or lower the drums relative to the gauge wheels. In the center of this range is this blue highlighted area and that's where you want it to be for attaching and detaching. This places the hitch arms at the correct place so that the tractor can drive into the attachment. To operate the power rake you want to make sure that you have your depth setting correct and then you run it with the PTO on and the attachment in float. The secondary SDLA lever is used to angle the drum left and right. The drum on the power rake is hydraulically driven so it has the capability to run forward or reverse. With this lever on this valve, you can change those directions. It's connected to a rod that runs back to the operator station so that you can change it from on the seat. With this lever forward the drum will rotate in the correct way to drive the tractor forward. With it back it will rotate in the correct way to drive the tractor in Reverse. Thank you for watching this video on the Ventrac Power Rake. For more information on this attachment and others visit our website at or call your local dealer for a demo.

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