The new brine system for the Ventrac SSV

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The new brine system built for the Ventrac SSV covers pre-treatment needs for sidewalk snow removal.

With an ideal spray pattern width of about 36-50 inches, the brine can cover the sidewalk for anti-icing before a snow storm. The brine system can also be used for de-icing after the broom, blade, or snow blower removes snow from the surface. There is also a wand that features a coiled hose for easy storage and operation. Stay tuned to hear when this must-have accessory will be available for purchase!

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Video Transcript:
We're out here with the SSV, and we've got our newest brine system on it. This is pretty close to what you'll see in production. It's not quite ready, but we're getting toward the end. We wanted to give you a preview of how it's working and how it goes on the machine. First of all, all of the mounting for the brine system is stainless and it mounts with some brackets on the front portion of the SSV in about 15 to 20 minutes. All of the plumbing for the lines run under the machine and out the back where you have the spray nozzles underneath the platform and to the side of the fenders. You have the option to turn the outer nozzles on or off and run them with both off, on, or one-off while one is on. Here on top is the switch to turn the pumps on, and then this switch turns the nozzles on and off and adjust pressure. This is your spray wand, so while the pumps are running, it is active. You have access to take it to stairways or anywhere you can't take the SSV. Here is a quick operational video of how it works. You can see the two different spray patterns, down is the narrow (about 36 inches), and back is wide (about 50 inches). That's the brine system on the SSV, stay tuned for more updates on when it will be available for purchase.

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