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Removing Deep Snow From Sidewalks with the Ventrac Snow Blower

Duration: 8:33 - Views: 93812 On this Ventrac In Action video shoot, we showcase the capabilities of our machine in extreme weather conditions. Extreme snow performance means the Ventrac tractor and its attachments are built to handle all snow conditions, from light snowfalls to winter's wrath.

With the promise of a snowstorm in Buffalo, NY, our Digital Marketing Producer, Mark, set off to carefully capture the beauty of the snow being flung from a KX523 snow blower with 40 mph winds and 3 feet of accumulation.

During this particular storm, the temperature dipped down to -25 degrees Fahrenheit, but these snow contractors were happy to have their heated cabs to keep them warm while fighting the storm.

At the early start of this snowstorm, while the precipitation was light, the snow blower was able to clean the walkways effectively so that surface treatment could be applied in preparation for the changing, unpredictable weather. When the blowing wind and snow continued into the early morning hours, the operators continued to move the heavy snow with ease.

Ventrac’s two-stage snow blower gave these snow contractors the ability to move up to 4500 pounds of snow per minute at distances up to 40 feet. Control of the rotating discharge chute was very important to them as they could operate this feature from inside their heated cab. Ventrac gave them peace of mind for easily clearing snow during this severe weather event.

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Video Transcript:
It's cold! Hey, I'm Mark with Ventrac and over the past couple days, I've been up in Buffalo New York getting shots of the Ventrac in action! Now originally when we were heading up there we wanted to get shots of the broom working in the snow. When it comes to snow storms they're just very unpredictable. Sometimes you get more, sometimes less. In this case, we actually ended up getting a whole lot more than we were expecting. In some areas, they were actually calling for about three feet of accumulated snow. Along with 40 miles per hour winds. With the wind chill, the temperature actually got down to -25 degrees fahrenheit. There actually was a lot more snow than I was planning for, so we ended up only using the snow blower. This storm was unlike anything I've ever experienced before. I've been on a lot of snow shoots for Ventrac, but I've never had it where I'm taking pictures and my shutter button on my camera gets frozen down. So hopefully these shots give you a good representation of what the Ventrac is capable of, as well as how nice the heated cab can be. We are getting about 18 inches of snow right now. As you can see it's coming down pretty good. It's already really accumulated, obviously, it's too much for a snow shoveler and beyond a Ventrac broom as well. These conditions should really show what the machine is capable of. The operator will be much better off than I will be operating the camera because they will actually be in a heated cab. The goal is mainly to stay warm, honestly! So how long have you been doing this kind of work? I've been doing it for over 10 years, for sure. Started out just shoveling. So that's why I understand and appreciate a machine like this very much. So you were telling me the one guy can just stay in the truck? Yeah, Bob, he used to shovel a lot while I was plowing last year, so once we got this I told him you can plow, I just want to use the Ventrac. The plowing gets a little boring to me vs this is a little more fun and I'd rather be in this than plowing, truthfully. I definitely utilize the thing, I don't baby it. I don't beat it. but I definitely utilize it and put it to its full potential. I haven't had any issues with it so far. The cab you can see out of a lot, which is good. It's got the room for a bigger guy like me and to me, it's comfortable. Thank you for watching this video, I hope it gives you a good representation of what the Ventrac snow blower is capable of, and whether it fits into your operation. So be sure to like, comment, subscribe, and let us know of any other applications you'd like to see the Ventrac Work in. I do like the snow, but I wouldn't mind the next video being in a slightly warmer location. But yeah, thanks for watching!
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