Better, Faster, & More Cost Effective Than Weed Eating! - Tough Cut & Boom Mower

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How to cut time weed eating on steep slopes in half or less with a Ventrac. The Ventrac and its attachments operate in areas where the alternative is usually a crew of people with hand tools. Brad Stoller of Brad’s Lawn Care is on-site showing Aaron a property his crew primarily maintains with string trimmers. This particular stretch of land is the back-side of a dam behind a 37-acre lake. Brad explains why it is important to keep this area maintained for various inspections and maintenance. Here to try and eliminate as much string trimming as possible, Aaron tackles the steep slope with the Ventrac Tough Cut and Boom Mower attachments.With Ventrac, cost and labor savings are maximized all while providing a more consistent finished product. Ventrac tractors are already capable of driving in places where most machines cannot. Combine that with the Boom Mower which reaches over 9 feet away from the tractor and you have one of the best combinations of equipment in existence for managing tough vegetation on difficult terrain. And while most boom mowers connect to the middle or back of the machine, making them hard for the operator to see during use, the Ventrac boom mower attaches to the front of the tractor, providing the best possible visibility and control.Products featured in this video:Ventrac 4500: Tough Cut: Boom Mower: Dual Wheels: For more information, visit Find a dealer near you! Get a FREE catalog! Subscribe here! Connect with Us!Facebook - Instagram - @ventrac_tractorsTwitter - @ventracVideo Transcript:So we're back at the factory now and Wow was that an interesting project. It was a little bit different than what we normally tackle and the contractor did warn us of this ahead of time. He said I've got a pretty challenging Hill I'm not sure if you'll be able to do all of it but you're welcome to come try and see what you can knock out. Ultimately we were able to do about half of the hill saving him obviously half the time which is nice and we made some pretty interesting observations while we were there. We were only able to accomplish half because the hill in some spots was approaching 37 degrees which is as you know beyond the capabilities of the ventrac and beyond what we were comfortable with putting it in environment for safety reasons. The hill also had a fence running through most of the bottom side of it that made it impossible to maneuver around so in those specific areas a string trimmer is going to be required anyway as well. The first thing we noticed on this job was the safety factor. Being able to use the machine in some of the steep parts of the hill as well as the wet parts and the parts covered with poison ivy really helped alleviate some of the stress on the people who are working on the ground with string trimmers. That crew was already going to be on that hill for a very long time that day or a couple of days to accomplish the task so any amount of it that you can reduce by using a machine to tackle ahead of time helps them stay fresher and more alert so they don't make mistakes potentially injuring themselves and costing the contractor money in the future. Our next observation was the clear productivity advantage that the Ventrac provided by using a machine to take out half of this hill. It speeds the crew up so that they can move on to another job later or make sure that they're on this property for as little time as possible. That's obviously the most profitable scenario for the contractor himself. Ultimately everything we experienced on this job led us to our final conclusion having a machine like a ventrac on this property eases the labor requirements of the contractor whether it's safety and controlling future costs or controlling the amount of people on that property or the time that they're there the machine eases those requirements and makes it a more profitable venture in the end. If you've made it to this part of the video you can probably relate so we'd encourage you to check out a ventrac 4500 and see this machine can do the same thing for you. Thanks for watching the video and be sure to check out our YouTube channel and watch some of our other videos as well.

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