Airport Benefits From the Versatility of a Multi-Use Tractor

Duration: 3:13 - Views: 11119 - If you need equipment that is multi-purpose, Ventrac is the way to go.

At Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport, Gary Craun is the Director of Operations and Chief of Public Safety. Gary and his Maintenance Supervisor James Huffer couldn’t have just one Ventrac, they needed a second one after being so impressed with the first. Because FAA regulations require minimal overgrowth around the fence lines that surround the airport, they do a lot of work with their Ventracs. Maintaining 500 acres year-round and mowing 350 acres, they are running their Ventracs every day.

Some of the biggest challenges they face are keeping up with the growth during rainy seasons. They are mowing a lot, but James says, the Ventrac Tough Cut mower allows them to hold themselves to a higher standard when it comes to cutting grass in tough areas. He says it leaves a good even cut that makes it look like a pristine area that has been mowed.

Gary appreciates when they are out cutting heavy grasses, the attachment is out in front so they can see where they are going. He explains that the 4-wheel drive and articulating capabilities allow them to trim very close and be precise.

As James points out, there are other manufacturers that make similar bush-hog-like implements but he says none of them compare to the Ventrac. They do not have the dual wheel configuration or the quality and durability of the Tough Cut deck, blades and belts to handle the job like the Ventrac. The dual wheels allow for them to operate on steep banks and slopes and power through muddy terrain during their wet weather seasons.

Being a small airport with limited funds, it is very important to have equipment that is multi-purpose. They can easily handle snow removal operations or mowing operations depending on the season. They also note the quality is extremely well built, something that could last forever. Being so happy with what the Ventrac does and how it operates, they would recommend to any small airport looking to go multi-purpose with their equipment.

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Well, the Ventrac was so impressive we bought a second Ventrac and we've had Ventacs now well over ten years. The Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport is located in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.
The FAA requires us to keep a minimum clearing on both sides of our fence of 10-foot. With that being said we cannot have thistles, bushes, trees, growing up on either sides of our fence. And currently we're held at six to twelve inches in grass height on the infields and around the taxiways and runways and also out in the fields adjacent to the airports to maintain those regulations. Some of the challenges we run into if it's a rainy season; you're mowing a lot. We approximately have 500 acres that we're maintaining. A good 350 probably being mowed and on a rainy season. It's a constant battle. The ventrac with the tough cut mower allows us to hold ourselves to a higher standard when it comes to grass cutting in tough areas and makes a good even cut to make it look like a pristine area that's been mowed. When we're out cutting heavy grasses and everything it's out in front of us so we can see where we're going and then having the four-wheel drive And the articulating abilities allows you to trim very close. There are other manufacturers that manufacture tough cut mowers or bush hogs, small bush hogs. But none of them have the features that the ventrac has with the dual wheel configuration and the heavy-dutiness of the mowing deck and the mowing blades and belts and that allows us to get up on steep banks and steep slopes and in muddy terrains and we can go through things safely. Where other equipment would probably tip or slide down the bank. Being a small airport with limited funds it's very important to have equipment that's multi-purpose. And the Ventrac really falls into that category very nicely. We're able to do snow removal operations and we can do mowing operations depending on the seasons. We do a lot of work with our Ventracs, we're running them every day and the quality is extremely well built and it would probably last forever. We're very happy with what they do and how they operate. I would highly recommend it to any smaller Airport if you need something that's multi purposed the Ventrac is the way you need to go.

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