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One Woman. One Tractor. Beautiful Results.

Duration: 3:10 - Views: 36953 Meet Marie. She calls herself a “pint-size woman from the city in her fifties.” We call her one tough lady. The Ventrac 4500 is the only machine tough enough to keep up with Marie and what she accomplishes on her Ventrac leaves her skeptics amazed and impressed. Marie Shannon may have been born a city girl, but she is country at heart. She took on fifty acres of wild, abused, and hilly terrain with the determination to make it beautiful. She was told that there wasn’t a machine out there that could handle the steep hills and brush. She was told that her best bet was to get cows. But Marie found Ventrac and began her one-woman crusade to tame her property and silence the naysayers. She began to see improvement in just three weeks. In the months since Marie has aerated, seeded, and mowed her way to a truly picturesque property. She emphatically states that there would be no way possible for her to have done that without her Ventrac. In fact, she believes no one could do what she has done without the Ventrac.Marie proved that she is unstoppable and her Ventrac 4500 is a huge reason for that. Visit to see how Ventrac can simplify your turf maintenance and tame some wild country of your own. Also, check out these links for more information about some of the attachments featured here.Tough Cut Mower: Mower Decks: Aera-Vator: For more information, visit Find a dealer near you! Get a FREE catalog! Subscribe here! Connect with Us!Facebook - Instagram - @ventrac_tractorsTwitter - @ventracVideo Transcript:My name is Marie, and I maintain our property with the Ventrac. We lived in the city, but I desperately wanted to move out. This property's 50 acres. It was overgrown, it had fireweed, you couldn't see any grass. There was lots of rubbish all over the place, metal just dumped. It was that bad, seriously. I've done my research, and thank God existed because if it didn't we would have been stuffed. Would have been up the creek without a paddle without that. Without the Ventrac, it would have been a disaster, a complete disaster. They've told me that there's nothing that I wouldn't be able to buy a mower that will do these slopes they said “Marie you've got to get yourself some cows” and I said like hell I will. Because of the slopes nothing else can handle the slopes. You couldn't see the top end with the beautiful views and where it's flat and you've got building land it was only when I cleaned it up with the Ventrac that we thought oh wow, gorgeous up there. In 6 months that I've had it, I've put 300 hours on it. Apparently, I've been told I use it more than most golf courses. The beauty of it was that if things progress and you want to do other things you've got the one tractor and you just buy your attachments and you're done. And maintenance, the things that I've got to do aren't that difficult. I've never had anything to do with machines and it's really simple. When I continue aerating, when I use the spreader and I put lime down and put fertilizer down. It will just keep getting better. There's nothing that I can't do around here with that. It's terrific, it's better than my husband. Without that machine, you are absolutely stuffed. You cannot get a property looking like this. You cannot, you can't. If you like a property, if you like the location, if it needs work, you just get a Ventrac and it will do it. Within weeks, I mean literally within three weeks this started to change, and this was bad, really bad. The bottom line is all the men look at me and they know what this was like. That this pint-sized woman from the city in her fifties who's never had a rural property and she's done all of this by herself with that machine. That's what blows their minds away. That's what gets them. Because if she can do it, we can do it. It’s a piece of cake, and it is.

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  1. 9:20
    The Legendary Ventrac 4500 Tractor
  2. 3:52
    Ventrac Tractor Reviews
  3. 2:05
    First Look - NEW Ventrac Boom Mower
  4. 3:19
    Mowing Thick Brush on a Steep Slope with a Ventrac
  5. 2:19
    Repairing a Gravel Driveway with the Ventrac Power Rake
  6. 3:51
    Maintaining Premiere College Campus with Ventrac
  7. 1:10
    Ventrac SSV - The Sidewalk Snow Vehicle
  8. 1:02
    How to Connect Ventrac Attachments
  9. 4:46
    Ventrac Vs. Normal Tractor: Turf Damage
  10. 3:54
    Ventrac Vs Mini Skid Steer : Trenching
  11. 3:13
    How to Install a New Lawn with One Tractor - Ventrac
  12. 4:39
    New Premium Finish Mower Decks by Ventrac
  13. 4:21
    Trenching Results Do Not Get Better Than This - Period.
  14. 4:11
    The Best Way to Remove Stumps Without Destroying the Lawn
  15. 4:37
    Lawn and Leaf Vacuum Collection System - Ventrac RV602
  16. 4:20
    Neighbors Working Together - SnowBuddy
  17. 3:56
    Canadian National Pond Hockey Tournament Cleans Ice Surfaces with Tractor
  18. 1:56
    HUGE American Flag Mowed in Field
  19. 3:09
    Top Snow Contractors Discuss Sidewalk Management
  20. 4:34
    Mowing Extreme Hills on Dams, Ditches, Levees and Steep Banks
  21. 2:11
    How To Edge Sidewalks - Fast and Easy with Ventrac
  22. 3:21
    From Sandlot To Dream Field - The Ultimate Ball Field Groomer
  23. 2:38
    Clearing Thick Brush and Giant Thorn Bushes with Ventrac
  24. 3:29
    Macadamia Farmers Restore Neglected Farm with a Ventrac
  25. 3:39
    Boy Scouts of America Summit Bechtel Reserve Property Maintenance
  26. 1:23
    The Easiest Way to Move a Trailer
  27. 3:45
    What is a Ventrac? An Introduction to Ventrac Tractors and Attachments.
  28. 3:44
    Make Big Margins With Smaller Landscape Crew
  29. 3:32
    Giant Pumpkin vs Tractor
  30. 3:10
    One Woman. One Tractor. Beautiful Results.
  31. 3:02
    Retention Pond Contractor Mows Extreme Slopes with 60+ Ventracs
  32. 4:56
    Elite Golf Course Upgrades to Better Mowing Equipment
  33. 3:42
    How To Install a Mulch Kit on a Mower
  34. 5:19
    Take Back Your Weekends with Ventrac
  35. 2:46
    Clearing Snow from Walking Paths of College Campus
  36. 3:10
    The Handiest Wheelbarrow There Is
  37. 6:00
    Slope Mowing with Ventrac
  38. 3:02
    Ventrac Ballpark Groomer & Renovator Introduction
  39. 4:11
    How to Remove Snow on Residential Properties
  40. 5:09
    Ventrac Sidewalk Drop Spreader
  41. 2:12
    100 Pumpkins vs Snowblower
  42. 5:23
    Keeping NC State University Beautiful
  43. 1:42
    Introducing the Ventrac Power Bucket
  44. 3:22
    Ventrac makes life at Camp Luz easier
  45. 4:17
    Ventrac 3400 - Not Your Average Mower
  46. 3:47
    Elite Vineyard Property Management Equipment
  47. 5:14
    Poultry Equipment by Ventrac
  48. 5:53
    KOA Campground Maintains Grounds With Ventrac
  49. 3:16
    Clearing Massive Thorn Bushes with Ventrac Field Mower
  50. 4:34
    Tractors At The Zoo!

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