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Winter Cab Overview for the Ventrac Sidewalk Snow Tractor

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The new KW452 Cab for the Ventrac 4500 continues Ventrac’s commitment to quality and design innovation. This video walk-around highlights the new and improved features of the KW452 Cab as well as highlighting all the benefits that makes this cab an essential addition to your Ventrac 4500 for winter maintenance.

The Ventrac tractor and winter cab is the ideal solution for clearing snow from miles of sidewalks. Keeping operators protected and comfortable in order to be as productive and efficient as possible is one of the most important design considerations. Visibility in this cab is one of the first things anyone will notice. Glass panels on every side and at all angles allow for maximum visibility no matter where the operator needs to see. Inside the cab is spacious and comfortable even for operators with increased size and stature. Heating controls, variable speed fans, windshield washer/wipers, and an array of lighting options, all clearly labelled, help make the operator’s experience as comfortable as possible allowing them to be more efficient for longer periods of time. The KW452 Cab also features amenities such as cabin air filters, an easy access fuse panel, interior LED lighting, and two USB charging ports to power tablets, phones, and other USB devices.

Take a look at the new KW452 cab for the Ventrac 4500 and see why Ventrac is your complete winter maintenance machine. Also, check out the links below to learn more about the KW452 Cab and other attachments and accessories for your Ventrac 3400 and 4500 tractors.

Products featured in this video include:

KW452 Heated Winter Cab:

SS250 Sidewalk Drop Spreader:

KV552 V-Blade:

KX523 Sidewalk Snow Blower:

HB580 Power Angle Snow Broom:

KD702 Power Angle Blade:

Playlist: Ventrac Snow Management
  1. 1:10
    Ventrac SSV - The Sidewalk Snow Vehicle
  2. 6:23
    Sidewalk Snow Management by Ventrac©
  3. 2:46
    Clearing Snow from Walking Paths of College Campus
  4. 3:09
    Top Snow Contractors Discuss Sidewalk Management
  5. 5:09
    Ventrac Sidewalk Drop Spreader
  6. 6:25
    Ventrac Sidewalk Snow Management
  7. 6:32
    Bob St. Jacques discovers Ventrac
  8. 2:13
    Ventrac HB Broom for Sidewalk Snow Maintenance
  9. 1:06
    Ventrac LB Broom for Sidewalk Snow Maintenance
  10. 3:05
    Ventrac Powerful Sidewalk Snow Blower
  11. 2:34
    Sidewalk Snow Blower
  12. 2:48
    Ventrac V-Blade for Sidewalk Snow
  13. 1:14
    Ventrac Snow Blade
  14. 12:00
    How to Connect Attachments to Ventrac 4500 Tractors
  15. 4:07
    Winter Cab Overview for the Ventrac Sidewalk Snow Tractor
  16. 0:41
    Ventrac Compact Sidewalk Snow Tractors
  17. 4:20
    Neighbors Working Together - SnowBuddy
  18. 3:56
    Canadian National Pond Hockey Tournament Cleans Ice Surfaces with Tractor
  19. 1:06
    The Most Efficient Way to Remove Snow From Sidewalks
  20. 2:15
    Professional Snow Business Invests in Sidewalk Snow Vehicles
  21. 2:29
    NEW Brine Kit on Ventrac SSV for De-icing Sidewalks
  22. 1:17
    Ventrac Sidewalk Snow Tractors For Any Storm
  23. 3:37
    Ventrac SSV Prototype Drop Spreader for Narrow Sidewalks
  24. 1:11
    Removing Deep Snow on Sidewalks with the Ventrac 4500
  25. 1:23
    Winter is Our Comfort Zone - Ventrac
  26. 6:57
    The Sidewalk Snow Vehicle Overview by Ventrac
  27. 0:39
    A Sidewalk Snow Vehicle Built for Professionals
  28. 1:22
    How To Hook Up Attachments To The Sidewalk Snow Vehicle
  29. 2:01
    Removing Snow At The Zoo
  30. 9:02
    Clearing Sidewalks With Commercial Snow Machine
  31. 1:24
    New Narrow Broom - The Ultimate Sidewalk Snow Broom - Ventrac
  32. 4:31
    A Perfect Fit - Narrow Sidewalk Broom Simple Start - Ventrac
  33. 1:38
    Reduce Risk of Slip and Fall Liability from Sidewalk Snow
  34. 3:47
    Tractor Snow Blower - Real World Work
  35. 1:10
    Tractor Snow Blower Destroys Snow Family
  36. 2:55
    Tractor V-Blade Snow Plow - Real World Work
  37. 3:46
    Snow Blower, Broom & Plow - SSV Stand On Skid Steer - Real World Work

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