Video Using a 4520 Tractor and Tough Cut to mow the grass down between solar panels.

Using a 4520 Tractor and Tough Cut to mow the grass down between solar panels.

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Mowing A Solar Field With Ventrac

We are at a solar field using a 4520 Tractor and Tough Cut to mow the grass down between panels. Maintaining solar fields is simple because the grass just needs to be cut down to prevent it from growing up into the panels or components.

These types of jobs are typically contracted out with more time in between mowing. Because of this, the grass can become fairly tall when not mowed on a weekly basis like some mowing services. Often contractors are using improper equipment such as pull-behind bush hogs or non-commercial landscape mowers that cannot hold up to this type of work long-term. You need commercial-grade equipment that can handle tall grass and tough weeds like the Ventrac Tough Cut. And the risk in using cumbersome equipment for these types of situations is often damage to the panels, which are not cheap to replace.

Solar farms are typically utilized in areas where the ground may be too wet or rough.
Because of Ventrac’s very low ground pressure, it’s able to operate in areas like this that stay wet without doing damage to the turf and making more ruts.

The maneuverability of a Ventrac 4520 also allows for trimming along the fences that surround the solar fields. The articulated steering makes for a very tight turning radius and allows for mowing not just around the rows but between the rows as well. And something the Ventrac can do that a lot of other equipment can’t do is get underneath the panels. The front mount advantage of the Tough Cut deck allows the grass to be cut before the tires trample it down. The tractor runs with floating attachments, which means the mower deck moves freely with the terrain, not against it, for a finished and complete job well done.

A common goal for most contracted jobs is efficiency and time savings, and another way that Ventrac accomplishes this is with speed of operation. By eliminating other equipment and using a Ventrac that can accomplish the job better and at twice the speed, you'll be cutting labor in half. Excellent maneuverability combined with the speed of operation makes Ventrac the best option for maintaining contracts in the solar field industry.

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00:00 Aaron Intro
00:14 Why Mow a Solar Field?
00:30 Maintenance & Contractors Using Wrong Equipment
01:05 Risk of Using Wrong Equipment
01:35 Articulation & Turning Radius
01:45 Mowing Under Panels
02:11 Why Solar Fields Are Built Where They Are
02:50 Low Ground Pressure Benefits
03:06 Mow Next to Fences
03:43 Efficiency and Time Savings
04:36 Hillside Mowing
05:01 Versatility Benefits
06:10 Growing Number of Solar Fields Need Maintained
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